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Ask us about our stock of container pools in our factory – whether you prefer a 20ft pool or a 40ft pool to customise, or ready to go! Once it’s transported to your home, it’s a quick matter of installing and you’ll be able Plug ‘n Play within a matter of hours.


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Our Container Pools

Our individually manufactured container swimming pools are designed and built to enhance your surroundings and bring infinite summer fun to your space of leisure, pleasure, and even learning.

Tanqua pools are available in two standard sizes of 20ft and 40ft, but with versatility and flexibility of sizing, finishes, and additions – anything is achievable.


2019 August - special offer cash back Tanqua Pools shipping container swimming pool 3 r
2019 August - special offer cash back Tanqua Pools shipping container swimming pool 4 R





All you need to know

All pools are bespoke designed and manufactured to your own criteria – all of which we get to know when we meet with you to talk through your aspirations and specifics.

But for now, here is more indepth information on our container pool specifications:

The Finishes

Internally the pool finish is a PVC lining system which can be finished in almost any colour of choice. This system also gives us the ability to have a mosaic tiled look or simply any colour scheme of choice to the walls and floors of the pool, allowing us to customising each individual pool for each person’s taste. All systems come with a 15 year pro-rata guarantee at pool temperatures of up to 90F (32C).

  • Fully certified materials – suitable for any installation.
  • High quality printing with a multiple lacquered protective surface – offering the highest stain, discolouration and abrasion resistance.
  • UV Stabilised – acceleration chamber tested.
  • 5mm or 1.6mm PVC with polyester internal mesh.
  • Anti-microbially equipped.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Installed with 50mm overlap seams – sealed with colour co-ordinated or translucent liquid PVC.
  • Geo-textile underlay.
  • Easily repairable if damaged.

Externally all steel work to the pool is sprayed in almost any colour of choice. The steps, landing and top perimeter is finished in a composite decking with a multiple choice of colour. Each pool also comes with a manufacturing stainless steel plaque situated on the back doors indicating the build number, with date of manufacture. Each pool filtration finishes are:

  • White LED light
  • Vacuum point
  • Skimmer box for surface removal
  • Wall suction grills
  • Wall inlet grills
  • Stainless steel pool access ladder


The Filtration

Within the consultation we will establish what the pool is being used for. For instance, is it for domestic or commercial use? What will be the estimated bather load? This will then determine the filtration package that will need to be installed to ensure excellent water quality. Each pool will benefit from –

  • Sand filter
  • Circulation pump
  • Electric heat exchanger
  • Inline chemical feeder
  • Electrical control panel


The Handover

Your pool will be delivered by our lorry direct to the site location. A crane will need to be hired in to carry out the lift from the wagon and into position. On arrival, a solid concrete base, a water supply, and a 63amp electrical supply should be in place and ready to connect. Once the pool is in position and connected the pool will be filled with fresh water until full. Once full, our engineers will set up, commission and instruct you on how to use your pool. The pool will then be handed over to you and you can be rest assured that we will always be around for technical support or call outs.


What you say…


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