Consider a Tanqua  swimming pool your blueprint to enhancing your leisure space in the best possible way.

From this humble steel structure you can add your own personal customised touch in choice of colour, design elements on the floors and walls, whether to use it as a summer season pool only or if you wish to add in the hot tub and spa aspect to enjoy it all year round.

And no matter whether your available space is small or big, or if you prefer inground or above ground, surrounded with mosaics, tiling, decking or garden – the flexibility, versatility, affordability, and outright convenience of our pools will make you want to dive right in and transform your living and leisure space!

We manufacture our pools to meet your ideas and needs. Some of the things we do is to vary the depth of the pool, and also the temperature. We can add pumps to convert your pool into an endless ‘swim spa’ and hot tub – there are so many practical perks to the genius of a fully integrated steel pool.

Once the steel structure is transformed into your swimming pool in our factory, it is loaded onto a truck and delivered directly to your home, where it can be installed in your garden using a crane.

The pool comes complete with its own filtration system, so once the electrics have been connected and the pool is filled with water, it is ready to use almost straight away. Crystal clear water can be turned over in 3 hours through our filtration system, ready for swimming fun to begin.


Here are just some fantastic ideas from around the world on how pools add to your living space and enjoyment!

“Every summer in the pool has its own story”