Benefits & Use

Bring on the good times and the feel-good factor!

The benefits of having your own pool are endless. Fun in the sun…every summer has its own story…hot spas on cold nights…time to relax…quick dips, long swims…life is a whole lot better poolside…

And who knew that a fully integrated steel pool makes for such an affordable, attractive and versatile swimming pool?

Just about everyone has designs on a pool – and it’s easy to see why the convenience of a fully integrated steel pool suits your world.

Private Homes

Remember the summer of 2018? Didn’t you wish you had an outdoor pool in your back garden? If the answer is yes, then a Tanqua pool is what you need. The hardest decision you will make is the size what size pool will be the best fit in your garden!

Swim Teachers

Are you fed up with renting pool space and sharing a pool with others whilst trying to teach children how to learn the important life skill of swimming? Or been victim to pool closures due to lack of maintenance through the pool owners and had to cancel lessons? A fully integrated steel pool is the solution.

School Pools

Teaching children how to swim is a very important life skill. In the UK we see swimming pool closures in local areas, making it harder for young children to learn how to swim. Tanqua Pools are teaming up with Sports England to develop swimming access through pop up, fully integrated steel pools in school outbuildings. Or they can be located outdoors in the warm months for added fun.

Kids Pools

Which kid doesn’t love splashing around in a pool? We can set the temperature of the water so will never want to get out! With our internal epoxy membrane system you can choose any colour for the finishes, we can add names and pretty much anything you like to the walls and floors of the pool – personalised to your individual taste. With our ‘plug and play’ steel pools it’s easy to move it to the next location.

Holiday Homes

Is there one thing missing from your holiday? A pool, for instance? Our pools are a cost-effective alternative, and can be relocated effortlessly if you decide to move your holiday home destination. Out of season you can simply empty the pool, cover over, and re-fill again the following season with minimum effort – ready for the next summer of fun!

Pop Up Pools

Because of the incredible versatility of a Tanqua pool, ours is a perfect solution for a temporary or pop up pool. Ideal for festivals, summer parties, parks, and even a replacement pool while there’s refurbishment. Rotate your pool between local schools to share the benefits of swimming for kids. We can make it work to suit your temporary location.

“Home is where the pool is”